CD and DVD roms

  Simon Taylor 21:14 17 Aug 03

Help Computors are fine when they are working but a pain in the arse when there not. I have recently had to re format my hard drive due to an unrelated problem, however now it is all back to gether I'm having problems with both my Liteon DVD-Rom & My Plextor CDR/RW. Prior to the format the plextor had become a little tempremental now and again it shows in the My computer bit as a drive but when you put a cd in, it won't recognise it. The DVD has started doing the same, it says insert disc when there is one in. After several reboots I can get the DVD to read but the plextor is proving more difficult. Anyone any bright ideas. Simon

  Ironman556 21:47 17 Aug 03

Are all the cables connecting the drives firmly connected? It may be that they've been working loose gradually and the problem isn't related to the format.

Have you installed the untilities from the motherboard CD again?

Have you tried the Windows Updates?

My PlexWriter sometimes doesn't recognise audio CD's, re-inserting usually fixes the problem, but I think there may be a drive update on the Plextor site to fix the problem now.

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