CD DVD drives don't work following region change

  John Ross 00:00 29 Feb 04

I have 2 computers, and recently changed the PowerDVD and WinDVD players on each to Region 1 to play a DVD. This did not work and the programs stayed region 2.
HOWEVER, since then the DVD drive on each machine, and the CD-RW drive will not read ANY CD or DVD, whther film or data.
I don't think this is a coincidence that I am wrongfully attributing to the attempted region chamge.
I am stumped as to what to do.
Any suggestions gratefully receieved.
thank you!

  The Sack 01:27 29 Feb 04

You can only change it 5 times before it locks. Flash the drive with the latest firmware or make it RPC1

  slimbo51 09:14 29 Feb 04

If u want to be brave, done it on all my dvd players, you can install a new firmware program in the cd roms to get rid of forever, the region change situation.

The new firmware binary files can be found on the net.

Only thing is u MUST make sure its the correct one for your dvd drive otherwise u will end up killing the drive.

All my dvd cd roms will play any region film without having to change parameters in the software.

It also gets rid of this 5 change only situation which is in built by the Manf as mentioned by the posting from The Sack.

  John Ross 09:15 29 Feb 04

This was the 1st time I have changed the region, and so I don't think that is the problem.
The 3 drives cannot identify any CD or DVD now, even my data CDs (although I am able to "populate" the drive in Device manager). Windows Explorer prompts me to insert a disk into the drive when I try to access the CD, when there is one already inserted.
Any ideas?

  willhay 09:49 29 Feb 04

click here
try this

  willhay 09:50 29 Feb 04

try this
click here

  Rennaissance 09:53 29 Feb 04

i recommend going device manager, uninstall all your cd/dvd drives and then restart windows and reinstall them when windows says found new hardware. See if that helps.

  John Ross 12:58 29 Feb 04

I cannot access my Data CDs on any of 3 DVD / CD drives on 2 computers, following 2 changes to the computer : I am unsure which did the damage, but suspect the latter:
1. I tried to chamge the region setting for PowerDVD on one PC and WinDVD on another PC. This didn't work and the setting remained Region 2 : the drives still play region 2 movies despite developing the fault of not recognising the presence of a data CD.
2. I first used a USB 2.0 pen drive on each machine around this time, which has its own small software program for access. The ports are actually USB1, but it runs fine.
I don't understand why the drives have suddenly stopped recognising the presence of a normal data CD.
I do need to access my CDs and write to disk, in the very near future.
I have tried uninstalling drivers and reloading, without any obvious change.
Any suggestions gratefully received.

  John Ross 13:09 29 Feb 04

Sorry : I don't think I have described the problem well so am making a new thread : see

click here

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