CD and DVD drives don't show anywhere on my system

  Trickyhicky` 20:30 26 Mar 05

For some reason my CD and DVD drives don't show anywhere on my system. I have gone to the Device manager and there is a yellow disc with an ! mark in the middle.

I can't reload them via my XP disc as the system doesn't show them.

I have unistalled them in the hope that the system when it is rebooted will reinstall them.

I have tried a system restore with no joy.

When I right click on the drive in the Device Manager and ask for the properties I get the following error message

"Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)"

Has anyone got any ideas please.


  stalion 20:32 26 Mar 05

have you recently installed the dvd drive?

  Trickyhicky` 20:35 26 Mar 05


  dan11 20:40 26 Mar 05

Have you taken off easy cd creator?
click here

  stalion 20:45 26 Mar 05

go here and scroll down to cd rom or dvd dissapeared click here

  stalion 20:45 26 Mar 05

also microsoft site click here

  Trickyhicky` 21:09 26 Mar 05

There are 24 references to this key and I have a picture to prove it. Which ones do I go into to get started.

  Trickyhicky` 15:22 27 Mar 05

Guys please help me what is going on..... I have now lost the key board and mouse. The key board will work only in the DOS mode and the mouse is sitting there doing nothing. I believe I have got the CD and the DVD back because they will auto run to the first level of any Disc I put in but becuase the mouse won't operate I can't click.

Before you ask I am on another computer asking this question.

  stalion 17:15 27 Mar 05

re-load the driver for your mouse

  Trickyhicky` 18:19 27 Mar 05

lease don't think me awkward but I want to reload my mouse driver but without the mouse or keyboard working I can't click on the necessary buttons.

Theeasiest analogy is I am locked out of the house and I can see the keys on the table through the window but I can't get at them.

All I can do is sit and look at the screen.

The computer I am on at the moment is using the network to get out to the world through the the one I want to fix. I have put the mouse driver CD in the drive of the knackered on but I don't see how to install it.



  stalion 18:33 27 Mar 05

try unplugging your mouse to see if you get any keyboard function and try unplugging the keyboard to see if you get any mouse function.You are not being awkward so don't worry

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