cd to dvd

  birkdalite 17:27 14 Nov 03

I would like to transfer some photographs from cdrom to dvd.Anyone know of a good programme to do this please?

  Cretin07 17:34 14 Nov 03

why do you want to do that? you do have a dvd writer right? well although i cant see any point. you could use nero 5 thats what i use and it works very well. download trial at click here

  Cretin07 17:35 14 Nov 03

oops this is the correct link click here

  birkdalite 08:10 15 Nov 03

cretin 07 Sorry perhaps I should have made it more clear! I only have a dvd player on my pc and a player with my tv. I have a lot of photographs on cdr which I would like to show the family on a tv screen.Am I asking the impossible without a dvd writer? this is a new venture for me and any help would be much apreciated.

  Stuartli 08:20 15 Nov 03

It's likely, if it is a recent model, that your DVD player will happily display your CD-R images on a TV screen.

If it won't then you can get a DVD player for less than £40 (the Pacific at Asda for instance) that will play anything that is thrown at it...

  birkdalite 11:33 15 Nov 03

Syuarti Many thanks Here goes!

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