CD Drives, Little Grey Audio Cables, Onboard Audio

  Giggle n' Bits 00:54 07 Jun 04

You know them little audio cables you get in the box or with OEM CD Drives, When using XP and motherboard has Onboard Audio.

Do/Are these little cables really needed, do they play any part nowadays, any advantage.

As I already know audio seems to be sourced through the IDE Ribbons cables but why the little audio cables still.

I am Interested if you use them and what you gain ?

  Dan the Confused 01:20 07 Jun 04

I think it's called an analogue cable and is required to play audio CDs directly to the sound card. Don't know about onboard audio specifically.

  BeForU 01:25 07 Jun 04

The cable is used to transfer CD audio from the CD-Drive to your computer via analogue, as mentioned above. But you don't really need to use it since yes, it does get sourced through the IDE cables and your audio CD's for example will be able to play digitally. I prefer to use the cable since I prefer actual CD quality music and it loads quicker.

  Giggle n' Bits 14:14 07 Jun 04

will try and see if any difference.

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