CD Drive- Windows v.3.11

  missbutton 20:11 19 Dec 03

My son has installed a cd drive into an old desktop machine. How do we get Windows v.3.11 to recognise the drive ? If not, How do we install Windows 95 into same machine ?
Thanks in advance

  Big Elf 20:20 19 Dec 03

For Win 3.11 you need to get hold of a set-up disk that will load the drivers. As it happens I have a set-up disk for a Samsung CD-ROM which includes the drivers. I'm pretty sure it will work for most CD's so if you want to try it then email me and I'll copy them to you. They're about 125kb in size.

I'm struggling a bit to remember the Win 95 set-up procedure but you need a boot disk click here and the CD drivers.

  Big Elf 20:21 19 Dec 03

Belated thought. What on earth are you going to do with a 3.11 installation?

  gold 47 20:23 19 Dec 03

Windows 3.1 bless,i don't think you will with windows 3.1 you might with W95 but there is no support for this and there is no support for W98 after mid January a computer of this is just not worth it even if could but you can't.
Sorry for the bad news.

  gold 47 20:26 19 Dec 03

Big Elf i didn't know windows 3.1 would support
a CD rom drive but there you go.

  gold 47 20:31 19 Dec 03

Sorry for errors should read a computer of this age is just not worth it even if you could but you can't.

  R4 20:37 19 Dec 03

You need to Add your DOS Drivers intitialisation in config.sys and autoexec.bat. :: yoou will also need oakcdrom.sys in your C:Drive

Config.sys needs : 'device=oakcdrom.sys /D:mscd001'

Autoexec.bat needs : 'LH C:\MSCDEX.EXE /D:mscd001'

  R4 20:39 19 Dec 03

To load Win98 use a bootdisk with CDRom support like the win98 Emergency Boot floppy.

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