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  Help! :D 14:20 21 Feb 04

Hi, I have to frives on my comp. One a master and one a slave. I run XP, for a while now, when i inset a disk and close the drive it says 'no disk inser disk press ok' you know the normal windows no disk box. well i eject and clse it and then it works fine. any ideas why?

my drive thats is playing up is:

Lite-On LTN486S 48x Max


  Stuartli 14:31 21 Feb 04

If you right click on your CD-ROM drive in My Explorer and then its Properties, follow it up by clicking on the AutoPlay tab.

Choose how you want to configure your drive to do when a disk is inserted - it's XP's version of Auto Insert Notification.

Note that some burning programs, such as Nero, which control the operation of the drive(s) during a burning sequence prefer that AutoPlay is disabled.

  Stuartli 14:35 21 Feb 04

That should be My Computer in above - typing too quickly..

You can also configure aspects of your CD/DVD-ROM drives and rewriters from Control Panel>Sounds and Audio Devices>Hardware tab>highlight your drive>Properties.

  Help! :D 14:46 21 Feb 04

no its not that, when i put a cd in first time it doesnt work, when i reinsert it for a 2nd time it work (autoplays) because i first get a message saying, please insert a disk into d:/

  davewaway 09:47 29 Aug 04

I was looking for an answer to this problem myself but my version doesn't spot the reinserted disk - you have to reboot, then as long as there are cds in the drive on bootup, it finds them or changed ones for the rest of the session. I've installed XP autofix from MS that didn't help.
Any one got any better ideas?

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