cd drive not working

  leeknight67 23:42 11 Nov 05

my sc drive wont play any cd's. ive gone into properties and it says no media please help

  Stuartli 00:25 12 Nov 05

Firstly, have you checked all the connections for firmness and correct placement?

If so, Remove the drive in Device Manager and reboot. This should enable Windows to Find New Hardware and reinstall the basic CDROM driver.

  leeknight67 11:07 12 Nov 05

its connected because the light comes on whichs shows there is power to it

  leeknight67 11:22 12 Nov 05

the drive will play dvds but wont play cds or music cds any ideas

  ACOLYTE 11:24 12 Nov 05

It its a combo drive maybe the lazer has failed for cd reading.

  ACOLYTE 11:25 12 Nov 05

Or it could just want the lens cleaning try a cd cleaner.

  leeknight67 11:30 12 Nov 05

yes it is a cr-rw and dvd player how will i know if its failed

  Stuartli 11:50 12 Nov 05

There are two lasers in DVD drives, one for CDs and the other for DVDs (due to different wavelengths being used to read the two mediums).

If one has failed then it won't play the relevant disks.

  leeknight67 11:54 12 Nov 05

does that mean i need to get a new drive?

  stupeedo 12:02 12 Nov 05

that's what I had to do when my DVD laser failed (and then my CD...) - contact your manufacturer, or if it's out of warranty, scour the net for the best prices.

  Stuartli 15:33 12 Nov 05

If it is the case, then obviously yes.

It would cost more to repair the drive than to replace it.

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