CD Drive Failure

  Phil930 20:34 11 Sep 03

I have been having trouble recently running cds and always thought it was the cds fault, being damaged or was a bad installation of a game.

I first had an issue with Flight Sim 04, where with disc 4 inserted it would always ask for disc 4 to play the game. It never loaded, I uninstalled the game and thought its just not going to work.

Then championship manager 4 had the same problem, whereby with the disc in I get a symbol of a disc spinning but the game won?t load. This also happened with GTA Vice City.

I know games aren?t the issue, mine question is technical in reference to why aren?t cds running, or why won?t either of my drives pick up the cd?s when they are in the drives.

I have concluded it could be three things, either both my drives are bad (which is unlikely as they run other programs, such as Win XP Pro which I just re-installed to try and solve problem), the cable connecting them to mobo is faulty or the mobo is faulty itself.

I was going to buy a new cable tonight, what is the required spec of a cd connecting cable?

Can anyone advise me as to why I?m having such inconsistency with my cd drives?

PC Spec - XP2400, XP Pro, Mobo Chaintech 7KJD, 512 pc2100 DDR, 40Gb Maxtor, GF4 Ti4600.

Thank you

  The Sack 20:39 11 Sep 03

it is probably the protections on the CDs, they have got that good at protecting them quite often even the original wont work.

  Phil930 21:13 11 Sep 03

can anyone else help please....this issue is driving me nuts...

two fo the three in my list used to work, now they won't run. I have just installed XP Pro again so its like having a new computer yet they won't run!


  -pops- 21:19 11 Sep 03

I know nothing about computer games at all but I do know that when XP was first issued there was much concern about games being incompatible with it.

Could it be that?

  BarryKeith 21:21 11 Sep 03

If you're having problems with both drives it could well be a faulty cable, you should be OK with a standard IDE/ATA 40 wire cable but may find the 80 wire version intended for faster drives to be better quality. I have installed the newer round cables as it allows far better air circulation inside the tower which is good for the electronics as well as the drives.

  Phil930 22:38 11 Sep 03

and if its not the cable?? could it be a bad connection to the motherboard?

  Phil930 01:49 12 Sep 03

i bought new cables and tested them and it has made no difference to the outcome.

does anyone have any suggestions as to how i can get applications to run again from the cd drive. what i don't understand is some run and others don't.

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