cd drive advice

  Smokeyone 18:17 01 Dec 03

I always thought a cd drive only played not recorded cd's but from reading PCadvisor it seems they do now. So please could someone explain the difference between a cd drive & a dvd writer.



  Diodorus Siculus 18:22 01 Dec 03

CD-ROM Drive - reads only

CD writers will record on one of two disks:

cd-r - write once

cd-rw - write many times (can be used like a floppy).

DVD writer - can record onto blank DVDs - many different types and no standards have been set yet.

  Diodorus Siculus 18:25 01 Dec 03

click here for the internet encyclopaedia - it will give lots of info.

  Smokeyone 10:31 02 Dec 03

Thanks for the info. As I am now completely floppied out which system would you go for as back up media.



  Djohn 11:14 02 Dec 03

CDRW drive will be the best for your requirements. It will play CD's [Both music and data] and you will be able to record to the CD [Burn] your music and data files. j.

  Diodorus Siculus 11:19 02 Dec 03

And have a look at the following for an excellent guide to backing up: click here

  Smokeyone 06:52 03 Dec 03

Thanks for the advice


  Stuartli 08:28 03 Dec 03

It's not a good idea to use a rewriter for playing audio CDs or installing software - rewriters should be kept for their main use, burning..:)

The reason is that they are not all that robust and additional, unnecessary use will curtail their lifespan. Look at the manufacturers' websites for details of their potential usage span.

A DVD-ROM drive to complement your rewriter, which can be bought these days for between £20-£25, will play all your audio CDs, install software and you can also use it for watching DVDs.

It's far cheaper as well to replace a DVD-ROM drive than a rewriter....:-)

  Stuartli 08:32 03 Dec 03

It's a myth that CD-Rs cannot be written to more than once - use a CD-R in multisession form and you can add to it until full.

It's very handy for compiling useful utilities, programs etc and saves re-downloading a lot of software from the net if you require it again in the future.

  Stuartli 08:36 03 Dec 03

If you are prepared to lay out a little more for a DVD rewriter rather than a CD-RW rewriter, you can just as easily burn CD-R and CD-RW as DVD media.

DVD rewriters have come down substantially in price recently (overpriced from the start in any case) so it will be a worthwhile purchase.

  Smokeyone 07:22 05 Dec 03

Ah, now I am confused, is'nt the dvd rewriter format subject to change and please could someone explain the difference. Also I already have a cd drive for installing programme but as already mentioned it would be nice to have a rewriter to copy programmes as back up.



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