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  cruiser2 13 May 12

Am downloading tunes from CDs to my computer so that I can transfer them to a memory stick. Am using Windows media player for this. When I have downloaded the tracks on one CD it will show the front cover of the CD plastic holder. But with others I only get a box showing a music note. What do I have to do to make sure the original cover is shown for each CD Also can I do this for Cds I have already down loaded? Many thanks for any help.

  KRONOS the First 13 May 12

If some of your albums are missing album art, you can manually add a picture of your choice. When you do so, the picture is embedded into the file, and the Player will always show the embedded file as the album art (as opposed to any album art that the Player may have downloaded from the online database). 1. Click the Library tab, and then browse to the album that is missing art.

2. Find a picture that you want to use for album art (the picture can be on your computer or on a webpage), right-click the picture, and then click Copy.

The original picture can be in any of the following formats: BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, or TIFF.

3. In your library, right-click the album art box, and then click Paste Album Art.

A copy of the picture is embedded into each of the songs from that album. The copy of the picture is automatically scaled to the appropriate size and converted to the JPEG format before it is embedded in the file. The original picture file is not modified.

  Migwell 14 May 12

If you look on googl then click on (images) and type the album or artist you are looking for you can then copy and paste the image into your player. I use iTunes, where you would right click on the tune you are interested in. Then go to (get info) / Artwork and paste it in there and you will get the album cover showing up when you play that song.


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