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  conrail 21:18 28 Jan 07

using xp home with media player 9, my wife and I are both into amdram and when rehearsing for a show we buy the cd, as we both drive our own cars to work, we go in different directions so we copy the cd so we each have one CD in the car, hope this isn't copyright, recently media player is letting us burn the files but the disc is unreadable, this has just started to happen and everything fine on prev occasions so I was wondering in CD's are now protected as are DVD films?

  skidzy 21:23 28 Jan 07

Time to update to WMP11 click here

Try different media.

  Jak_1 21:26 28 Jan 07

They have been putting copyright protection on popular cd's for ages now. Technically it is ileagal but you would be extremely unfortunate to be prosecuted just for that.

  conrail 21:32 28 Jan 07

thanks skidzy, I will update and thanks Jak_1, I wondered if that was the case, when we are finished with the copy CD's we have a large CD case we put them into, we don't let anybody else have them, in fact non of the other members know we have them, this stops them asking us to do them copy's although I was under the impression you could make copies for your own use. anyway you have both been a great help thanks

  Dan S 21:35 28 Jan 07

There's another alternative;

In Media Player, go to tools and then options. Off the top of my head, I can't remember which tab specifically deals with it, but there's an option regarding Protecting imported files into the Media Player Library. If you disable this option, you should then be able to make a copy of the album for both cars.

You can try skidzy's fix, but I have a suspicion that it'll depend on the CD players in your cars support DRM (Digital Rights Management), which by the sounds of your original query, they probably don't.

  conrail 22:21 28 Jan 07

thanks Dan S, tried to find that tab, did find one under rip music that when ticked says copy protect music, made 2 copies of the CD, neither would play on main hifi, my pc, wifes laptop or daughters personal cd player, didn't try the cars, I will try again with mp11 and see what happens

  €dstowe 22:30 28 Jan 07

Don't get carried away with the idea that you are stuck with everything being digital in this.

Sound itself is analogue and there is an analogue output to your loudspeaker/headphones and sometimes even to a line out from the player. Most computers have an analogue audio line in.

Think about it.

  Stuartli 00:06 29 Jan 07

Not if it's in digital form, for instance an audio CD.

  €dstowe 06:32 29 Jan 07

Sound is analogue.

The contents of a CD is a digital code - for conversion by electronic means into an analogue vibration which can be perceived by the ears.

Anyway, the point of my post remains valid. People get too carried away with digital this and digital that, forgetting that our real world does not consist of "0"s and "1"s - there's a lot more to it than that.

  conrail 11:35 29 Jan 07

thanks for all suggestions guys, I have ripped the cd using mp11 but cannot select the burn drive, I have 1 DVD drive, 1 DVDRW drive and 2 flash drives, under the library tab I can see the flash drives, under the rip tab I can see my DVD drives anh have highlighted the burner, but cannot find the option to select which drive to burn to under the burn tab, I have viewed the help files but they haven't helped, any suggestions please, thanks

  Smiler 12:22 29 Jan 07

This could be a fault with the dvd writer. Are the discs readable in the computer?

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