CD Burning Software & Windows 7?

  kwil2 25 Jul 11

Hi... I'm a Win7 novice having stayed loyal to XP for many moons. Here's my query:

I like to compile CD's, taking various different tracks 'direct' from my pre-recorded, 'bought' CD's and other compilations, not ripping to MP3 format but exact track copy.

Most burning programs these days only 'allow' you to 'rip' from a CD into MP3 format.

Till now, only Roxo Platinum 6 (an old program, I know) was able to do what I wanted. Also Nero 6. Both have done a great job for me with zero fuss but have, understandably, moved on their versions. Whether that's been a positive move is open to question on many forums. As far as I can see, they've altered what they do and not in a good way.

However, I now have a new system with Windows 7 (64-bit) and I'm not totally up to speed on that at present. At anyrate, my 'old' Roxio/Nero programs are certainly not compatible with Windows 7 (64-bit). Can anyone suggest/recommend the best program for copying CD tracks direct as above on Windows 7?

I've downloaded a few free ones: CDBurnXP, ImgBurn, CD-DA Extractor....None of them do what I want...grrrr! Not even the latest Roxio 12 Pro!...Since Roxio changed to Sonic Solutions, it's gone seriously downhill and Nero just gets more and more bloated each version. All of them seem to demand I rip my desired tracks to MP3 then burn. Just what I don't want....

Would greatly appreciate any suggestions or help... Many thanks

  eedcam 25 Jul 11

Surely windows media player gives a choice of wav or mp3

  Taff™ 25 Jul 11

It certainly does - drop the little arrow below the "Rip" menu and select format, then choose which you want. Sometimes good ols Windows media Player gets overlooked for simplicity.

  bionicle 26 Jul 11

Try downloading i-tunes. Select your tracks to a playlist and then when you select to burn to disc you can choose a straight audio copy if you want.

  bionicle 26 Jul 11

Sorry just read that you dont want to rip tracks first!

  kwil2 31 Jul 11

Hi bionuncle... Glad someone actually noticed that!... Any other suggestions apart from iTunes, which I never use?? Regards


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