CD burning - 2 hours of music. How?

  Rupstoh 19:32 14 Jan 09

Hi. I have been given the permission of a DJ to burn 2 hours of a classic 80's mix onto my computer from a website.

Trouble is, I want to listen to it in my car so I am trying to burn a CD. My Audio CDs are only 80 mins in length.

I am a thicko where these things are concerned.

What do I need to do? For the record, I own a 2007 VW with CD player which is MP3 compatible.


  MAJ 19:36 14 Jan 09

"I own a 2007 VW"

What colour?

What format is the 2 hours of a classic 80's mix recorded in? MP3? WAV? ETC.

  Rupstoh 19:40 14 Jan 09

Special Black paint.


  canarieslover 19:40 14 Jan 09

If it's MP3 compatible there is no problem. Convert the mix to MP3 if it isn't already in that format. Burn an MP3 CD, job done. If its downloadable it is most probably in MP3 format anyway.

  MAJ 19:49 14 Jan 09

"Special Black paint."


As canarieslover.

  Rupstoh 19:53 14 Jan 09

I've just burned a data version onto an Audio disc (700mb). It plays on the computer ok. My wife has got the car tonight, do you think it will work in the car?

  MAJ 19:55 14 Jan 09

It should if your car's CD Player plays MP3 CDs.

  Rupstoh 19:58 14 Jan 09

Thanks for all your help - I should have visited this place earlier.

Nice one.

  mcheathen 20:03 14 Jan 09

Any DVD player will play a mp3 disk. There should also be output ports on the dvd for connecting with an amplier or hi fi.

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