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CD burner playing up, help for beginner please?

  Sneeze1 17:00 09 Dec 11

I am using Verbatim DVD - to record home made movies through Nero Vision essentials four, which has been working fine. Today i tried to burn another disk and it went through ok then the line which says Total progress stopped and wouldn't move. i then got a notice pop up saying:

'Sorry your compilation cannot be written to this kind of disk. Please insert a disk of the correct type, or modify the settings to make them compatible with the correct disk'.

I am very depressed at the moment, I rang up a friend who says I might have a virus, but I always update my free version of AVG when I switch on. I have never had a problem like this before so I wonder if the CD burner has gone wrong (which I hope not) or whether the disks are faulty. i ave tried two and have come up with the smae result. the guy who made me the computer doesn't live in the area anymore, so i am looking for a PC engineer which is like looking for a needle in haystack

Can anyone advise me please? I am not very computer illiterate and have another video to upload of my time in Cornwall. I knew I shouldn't have got up this morning.

Many thanks.

  northumbria61 17:30 09 Dec 11

Are you using DVD-R or DVD-RW ? If you can burn RW, but not R, and the disc is fine, the problem probably lies in the recorder itself.

How large is the file - Will it actually fit onto a single layer dvd-r?

  northumbria61 17:34 09 Dec 11

Just a thought - make sure you are not accidentally using the CD section of NERO instead of the DVD section.

  Sneeze1 17:37 09 Dec 11

Hi I am using a DVD-R and I click on make video CD, is that the right one? I have never had this problem before, do you think I should try some different disks?

  northumbria61 17:42 09 Dec 11

I don't use NERO but I would have thought it would be "Burn a Video DVD"

Are you using Nero Start Smart to do this - maybe best to open Nero from Start - All Programs etc.

  northumbria61 17:44 09 Dec 11
  Sneeze1 17:45 09 Dec 11

I think I am using version four, how do I find out what version it is please?

  robin_x 17:59 09 Dec 11

Video CDs are burned to CDs not DVDs.

You need to be in the DVD part of whatever section of Nero.

  BT 18:02 09 Dec 11

I am using a DVD-R and I click on make video CD

Seems to me you are trying to use the wrong setting. A Video CD is just that a " Video on a CD " usually limited to about 15 mins. You need to choose to a make DVD option with DVD discs.

  northumbria61 18:07 09 Dec 11
  Sneeze1 10:17 10 Dec 11

Am I better off getting a newer version of Nero?

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