C.D. backup

  R.C.M. 11:36 13 Apr 06

I bought Fujifilm 700 MB p[unformatted] C.D-RW's. I have tied several times to copy my files from my computer to these C.D.'s without sucess.

No matter how I try to do it [Nero or drag and drop] I get the same results.

It copies the files and tells me I have files ready to copy to C.D. - it then goes through the motions of downloadind. I then get a message telling me I have successfuly completed the loading of the C.D.

When I open the C.D. all thats on it is a gray icon telling me I have files wating to be copied to C.D. - if I look at the properties of the C.D. it tells me the C.D. is blank. I have tried several disks and I get the same results

Can someone pleas point me in the right direction on what I'm doing wrong.

Many thanks.

  stylehurst 14:45 13 Apr 06

1 Have you installed InCd from Nero; you need that program

2 The CDRWs need to be formatted using InCD before you drag & drop from Windows Explorer.

The above should do the trick.
BTW turn off Windows XP CD copying software & use Nero instead.

  R.C.M. 14:58 13 Apr 06

Sorry for being stupid - but what is InCD? I've looked all over the Nero program and can't find a reference for it.

  Haol 15:07 13 Apr 06

Try using CloneCD click here the trial version should work and it's easy to use.

P.S InCD 4 is a packet writing program that formats rewritable discs so that they can be used like regular diskettes. You can copy files onto the disc by dragging and dropping in Microsoft® Explorer or save them to the disc from other applications.

  R.C.M. 15:12 13 Apr 06

I'm downloading Clone CD - thanks for the advice

  pj123 16:18 13 Apr 06

I have never formatted a CD-RW disk. There is no need to. Just use Nero and select Data disk and make sure it is in Multisession mode. That way you can add to or delete from the CD.

  R.C.M. 16:36 13 Apr 06

Hi pj

I have never needed to format a C.D. before, that is why I asked for advice how too. I'm only having problems getting the type/make that I've just bought to work. [Fujifilm 700 mb unformatted CD-RW]

  stylehurst 17:12 13 Apr 06

Cannot comment on Clone CD, but with INCD (which can be downloaded from Nero site, or may be on your Nero Disk) once INCD is installed insert CDRW, then right click on it in Explorer & there in a menu INCD Format or INCD Erase.

  terryf 17:14 13 Apr 06

How about takem back to shop and say they are faulty after you have tried them in another PC (at the library if you can't use a friends)

  stylehurst 17:14 13 Apr 06

One further thing I forgot, if you have a licenced copy of Nero then INCD is free.

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