CD audio

  Pumas 18:36 02 Jun 03

I have jsut built a computer with a motherborad that has integrated sound.

I have two CD drives (one DVD ROM and a CD-RW) but there is only one audio connecter on the motherboard.

Is there any way (ie cable that I can buy) that I can connect both my drives up or will I have to buy a sound card?



  barrie_g 18:40 02 Jun 03

you dont need to both drives will play audio it just goes through the ide cable to the mother board and from there to your sound chip.

  Pumas 22:17 02 Jun 03

So why do I need the audio cable at all?

  Pumas 00:23 03 Jun 03

If the sound goes through the IDE why does every drive have a connector for the cable and why does my motherboard have a connector?

  Stuartli 09:07 03 Jun 03

Going off at a tangent, but related to your query, may I suggest that you only use the DVD-ROM for sound reproduction?

The reason is that it is far more robust than a rewriter which has a lower life and reliability expectancy; proof is easily provided through manufacturers' own specification figures.

If you only use the rewriter for its intended purpose i.e. burning it will ensure you obtain maximum use from it.

It is also far less expensive to replace a CD or DVD-ROM drive than a rewriter.

  Pumas 09:29 03 Jun 03

Thanks stuartli.

But can anyone tell me more about the actual cable?

  siouxah1 12:06 03 Jun 03

Not sure what OP system, but try

1. Device manager

2. right click the CD/DVD rom drive

3. select properties tab

4. tick enable digital audio etc. box

5. click OK.

should then get sound through the IDE cable and the connection from sound card to CD drive not required. Do this for all drives as required. Hope this helps a little.

Regards Brian

  snoresloudly 12:13 03 Jun 03

you can also buy a "y" cable, this splits to go to both dvd/cd thus enabling both to be connected

  Pumas 16:05 07 Jun 03

These settings seem to be default in Windows XP Pro. Both drives are fine with these settings.


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