CCleaner & Windows Messenger

  Condom 02:14 10 Nov 10

Whenever I run CCleaner on my Win 7 PC I notice that the personal pictures associated with all my Messenger 2009 contacts vanish. They return one by one as my contacts come back on line but vanish again whenever CCleaner is run.

I have written to both Microsoft and CCleaner regarding this but never got any response from either.

I know it is not a major problem but it is annoying as it didn't use to happen. Does anyone know if I need to change some settings on the newer versions of CCleaner to prevent this happening or is this something I just need to suffer. I'm sure there must be some reason this is happening.

  badhair1963 02:25 10 Nov 10

In the "Windows Explorer" section of the "Windows" tab untick the box that says "Thumbnail Cache".

  Condom 02:30 10 Nov 10

Hi badhair
It is already unticked so it must be something else, but thanks anyway.

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