Ccleaner and temporary internet files

  Stephanie 09:34 AM 23 Nov 12

This isn't a serious problem; more of a minor puzzle really. I run Ccleaner from time to time and have frequently noticed that when I run the cleanup analysis, there are always several thousand KB of temporary internet files listed under Internet Explorer. As I never use IE I wonder where they come from. I just upgraded to Windows 8 (From Windows 7) and they still appear.

Any ideas?

  rdave13 09:51 AM 23 Nov 12

Have a look at sobeit's reply here.

  Stephanie 12:46 PM 23 Nov 12

Thanks, that explains what may be happening. It does make sense as IE is so integrated in the system. I wasn't particularly worried but I probably will disable caching in Internet Options.

  Batch 16:12 PM 23 Nov 12

I use WinXP and rarely if ever use IE and find the main culprit for files appearing in Temporary Internet Files (TIFs)is Outlook Express. So, assuming Win7/8 follow the same logic, if you use Windows Mail you are bound to get a fair amount in TIFs. I guess if you were to disable HTML capabilities, the issue would largely (totally?) disappear, but disabling HTML in this day & age is a bit unrealistic.


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