CCleaner query

  muddypaws 01 Jun 13

Twice recently I have unchecked 'History' and Last download location' only to find that

after the clean my downloads have vanished from FF>Tools>Downloads.

Is this normal?

I have always been able to retain d/loads before.

  john bunyan 01 Jun 13

I have version v4.01.4093 of CCleaner. I do not have an option in Tools for Downloads; the Uninstall button lists installed programmes, Start up - if you want to change start programmes, File Finder, System restore and Drive wiper. My downloads (as opposed to actual installed programmes) are, by default, in C:\Users\username\downloads. Where is you default download location? Do you, as I do, download first - not "Run" a downloaded programme. I do a virus an malware scan before installing.

  muddypaws 01 Jun 13

john bunyan

My version was older than yours, but now have 4.02.4115.

Apologies for not explaining fully.

In the opening window with all the check boxes I uncheck 'History' and 'Last

Download Location' and previously the last downloads were still showing in

FF/Tools/Downloads', but no longer.

I can find them in 'C'.

Just a bit strange.

  T0SH 01 Jun 13

None of the many versions of CCleaner I have used ever had any of the two options you referred to selected by default ? as far as I know the only browser specific setting are on the Applications tab in the CCleaner window ,I am not certain where it is but there is a return to default settings somewhere ?

Cheers HC

  jaywoo 02 Jun 13

The item you're referring to is intended for Internet Explorer. You need to untick Download History under Firefox, found after clicking the Applications tab.


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