ccleaner not cleaning????

  skippytibb 21:25 28 Jan 05

can anyone explain or have they had the same problems when i click on "run cleaner" it just vanishes back to the desk top is it working or not? it does the issue scan but not the others any ideas many thanks.

  brambles 21:34 28 Jan 05

Open my computer
Right Click on C drive
Select Properties
This will show used/unused disk space & has a clean up tool which I always used prior to getting CCleaner


  bertiecharlie 21:43 28 Jan 05

IN CCleaner, look in Options\Settings and make sure the box "Close Programme after cleaning" is unticked.

  skippytibb 21:50 28 Jan 05

yeah that was it cheers how stupid can one be! thanks

  Granny. 14:55 29 Jan 05


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