CCLEANER (new version)

  SANTOS7 11:12 04 Sep 06
  €dstowe 11:14 04 Sep 06


Just checked mine:

"Check for Update

Thank you for your interest in new versions of CCleaner.

You are using version 1.32.345.

Congratulations, this is the very latest version!"

Not looked at an update for more than a week.

  wolfie3000 11:20 04 Sep 06

Mine hasent been updated in over a week and still its the latest version ???????

  Sethhaniel 11:30 04 Sep 06

10/08/06 ;)

  SANTOS7 11:43 04 Sep 06

How strange, i use it every day yet it has only today offered the update..

  €dstowe 11:48 04 Sep 06

Odd. What's the version number on your new one, Santos?

  SANTOS7 12:05 04 Sep 06

1.32.345 OHHH ERRR!! last again as usual..

  €dstowe 13:21 04 Sep 06

Never mind - best to keep us on our toes in case there is an update.

  Meshuga 15:19 04 Sep 06

Mine is 1-32-345 and no updates shown.

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