Ccleaner crash BSOD

  Snrub 31 Aug 11

When I try to run Ccleaner to remove temporary files I get a BSOD crash. This is a new fault today. When I try to remove temporary internet files using Tools/internet options/temporary files/delete I get the same crash. Have run malware checks and nothing showing.Any ideas what might be happening plse.

  buteman 31 Aug 11

Maybe try this in case it is a rootkit.

Or look in Event viewer it should tell you the cause of the crash.

  Snrub 31 Aug 11

Hi Buteman thanks for reply. Tried Kapernsky and all clear. Event viewer showed critical kernel power failure which I believe is just the windows protection system Kicking in and shutting down the computer. I used to like using Event Viewer in XP but in Windows 7 it throws up so many issues I have stopped using it. I have spent the best part of 4 hours now trying everything I can think of including system restore, numerous malware scans all with no success! However, I am hoping I have sorted it now. I ran CcLeaner in safe mode restarted the computer and fingers crossed seems back to normal. I suspect there was some temporary file creating problem. Ccleaner would not run normally and just crashed causing BSOD but ran in safe mode and seemed to have cleared problem. Ccleaner was not the problem but the solution when run in safe mode. Ironic to think yesterday that I was thinking how well the computer was running and today ran into major problem. I am not good at backing up so will have to focus on this! Thanks again.

  buteman 31 Aug 11


We all have days like that.I must admit I think computers and browsers ran a lot quicker years ago.

It is probably all the Security that we put on it that slows it down.

Thanks for letting us know how you fixed it.And like yourself I stay away from event viewer on W/7.

  Snrub 31 Aug 11

I can only think that it was some browser add-on that was corrupted with a malfunctioning temporary file. I use IE9 and Firefox6 and it was crashing in both browsers. I have never experienced attempting to clear temporary files causing a shutdown before. I would have expected to have found malware but non shown up.


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