norrisnovice 19:03 PM 05 May 11

i use cc cleaner along side spybot i have used it for a while and it seems ok but on doing some research i find theirs mixed opinions on it so i wonder what any one else on here thinks

  chub_tor 19:16 PM 05 May 11

I have used CCleaner for many years now, never had a problem with it, I run it two or three times a week, have never saved any of the Registry changes it recommends and I find it the safest of all the tools I use. I dropped Spybot in favour of Malwarebytes but in the time I used Spybot it was trouble free as long as I disabled TeaTimer.

  mooly 08:07 AM 06 May 11

I used to used CC... but following a clean install I find Windows own housekeeping tools do a good job. Investigate the more advanced features inbuilt into Vista and W7.

When I used CC (I'm thinking of the registry cleaner) I used to get the odd unexplained issue that required detective work to fix, reseting reg keys, deleting and rebuilding this or that file.

From all I have read, I believe the registry for a normal user is best left alone... and a few dozen, a few hundred even "registry errors" that CC or similar may identify are in practice a non issue and who's to say that key may not be needed in future.

As an Acronis user I have on odd occasions installed CC and seen what it would free up over using the more advanced Windows tools. Not a lot is the answer...

As always with anything like this YMMV :)

  sunnystaines 08:14 AM 06 May 11

same as chub_tor

  onthelimit1 10:42 AM 06 May 11

I uninstalled Spybot after it seemed to be slowing my PC badly. All been OK since I got rid!


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