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  Billp64 14:36 10 Apr 09

I used CCleaner on my computer which runs Virgin PCguard. It wiped out the antivirus and now I have to re-load all again once I get Virgin to sort out a problem as it will not now start again.

Anyone know of a reason or possbile cause as CCleaner I thought was safe and certainly does clear out lots of junk but now cannot use if I am going to wipe out virus protection. Any ideas or suggestion appreciated.

  oldbeefer2 14:43 10 Apr 09

Does PC guard appear in CCleaner's applications? If so, untick it and all should be well.

  birdface 15:00 10 Apr 09

Its probably doing you a favor maybe remove Pc Guard and download something better. Avast.Kerio Firewall.A Squared and Malwarebytes will probably give you better protection and all free.

  Sea Urchin 15:52 10 Apr 09

I don't believe for one minute that CCleaner has "wiped out" one of your programs - I think you need to look for some malware.

As oldbeefer2 says CCleaner might have stopped the program running at startup (if requested to do so) but it would not uninstall the program.

  Billp64 16:02 10 Apr 09

It did not uninstall the virus program but the virus section would not work or repair, this happened on the laptop as well as desktop.
I have now got Virgin to allow me to download again so all ok again on both. It was crap cleaner that caused the problem to both machines.
I could only completely uninstall PC Guard and start afresh again.
I don't want to do that so cannot use CCleaner. I don't believe I am the only one for this problem, I was hoping for a solution. PC gurad is notlisted in applications

  provider 2 16:28 10 Apr 09

Some others with the same or similar problem:

click here

No clear answer, evidently, except to suggest there`s something in the PC Guard`s software that is causing the problem.

Then again, considering this is from the Ccleanr forum, that`s to be expected.

  Billp64 16:41 10 Apr 09

Thanks for the info provider 2 I have looked but as you say there is a problem but no cure yet.
Will contact Virgin by email and see if I get any help but not really hopeful but wonders do happen sometimes.

  provider 2 16:59 10 Apr 09


Always worth a try, I suppose, the trick being not to hold your breath.

In the meantime, a quicker answer might be to dump PC Guard and switch to something else.

Both Avast and Avira are prety good and I`ve not heard of any problems with either of these and Ccleaner.

  gazzaho 08:32 11 Apr 09

CCleaner may have deleted files in a folder related to PC Guard, if so you will have to find which folder and add it to the exclusion list. CCleaner kept deleting the files in a folder related to my banking login details, once the folder was added to the exclusion list I had no more problems.

CClraner is one of the safer registry/cleaner programs out there, Over the years I've tried a lot and been bitten hard by a few but with all these types of program there is some risk involved.

  Billp64 11:49 11 Apr 09

As expected I could no get any help at Virgin so for now will avoid using cleaner until I try another suite of virus protection etc.
Thanks for all your help and suggestions.

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