caught virus W32.Kwbot.C.Worm - info Pls

  stuntmaster 14:46 08 Apr 04

hi i recently cought the virus W32.Kwbot.C.Worm and Norton antivirus cleaned it out asap but, i want to find info on it and cant. any antivuris sites dont work now they jus say "Page cannot be displayed" and its ONLY antivirus sites every other site is fine, is there any info on what this virus has done or did do to my system, and how can i make these sites work again! thanks


  Old Shep 14:52 08 Apr 04

This is it click here

  anon1 14:55 08 Apr 04

Ben, are you sure you have cleaned your pc because one of the most common things a virus will do is to block antivirus sites in an effort to stop you cleaning up.

  anon1 14:58 08 Apr 04

info here too click here

  stuntmaster 15:12 08 Apr 04

i have because the infected files are gone
wiped out
because i found the original loacation.

  AndySD 15:17 08 Apr 04

Yiu may want to use something like The Cleaner click here

  stuntmaster 22:48 08 Apr 04

i tried all methods, and it was a few reg keys that were left over, but i had ports open left right and center, which would mean that dial up connection box was appearing every sec, but i needed a clean install anyways so thats what i did. all your methods work well and did the job so ill keep these notes handy!, Btw does anyone know whats the best graphics card i can get that plays "most Games" like doom 3 or HL2 for example? my budget ranges from £50-£100.



  Belatucadrus 23:43 08 Apr 04

According to PCPro the best in your price bracket as of September last year was the Connect3D Radeon 9600 click here
click here for the full list. I don't have one so can't vouch for it and there may be something newer on the shelves by now.

  Belatucadrus 23:46 08 Apr 04

Got the second link wrong, here is the correct page click here

  GaT7 00:01 09 Apr 04

You may want to read & follow Symantec's recommendations to lessen the chances of getting infected again. Go to click here - scroll down to 'recommendations' somewhere in the middle of the page.

  teletoter 00:35 10 Apr 04

Just install AVG Antivirus free version. It takes care of just about everything. on top of that get Blackice Defender firewall. Between the two of them you are very well protected.

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