ptrafc 18:36 12 Jun 04

I'm about to update my ATI Radeon 9800 pro driver, but when I come to remove the old display driver, a box appears to ask which driver I want to uninstall. I can choose from Radeon 9800 Pro > AGP > Primary OR Radeon 9800 Pro > PCI > Secondary OR Both. Do I uninstall both?

  Smiler 18:45 12 Jun 04

Don't know why you have both installed as you either have an agp graphics card or a pci graphics card.

  tasslehoff burrfoot 23:03 12 Jun 04

I am in the process of downloading driver update for radeon 9600, which is called catalyst. In my device manager I have a primary and secondary 9600.

I set a restore point prior to the download, so if I get the same options as you, I will let you know if any don't work. And, hopefully, which is the best option.



  BeForU 00:23 13 Jun 04

Just uninstall both simple enough. Reason you would get a primary & secondary is because your graphics card probably supports dual monitor/tv-out capabilities therefore having 2 drivers for it. I have a 9700 Pro it does the same so theres nothing to worry about.

  Steven135 00:32 13 Jun 04

I have an ATI 9800 Pro are you updating because of a problem? The advice is not to update unless you have to.

  PSF 11:12 13 Jun 04

It is best to un-install all the drivers and also the control panel. click here For the tool to remove all ATI drivers.

Only re-boot after the control panel and drivers have been removed .

When you have re-booted cancel the Windows new hardware installation messages. Then install the drivers from where you have downloaded them, follow the instructions.

  ptrafc 11:43 13 Jun 04

Good advice thanks, I'm going to give it a whirl now. Yes I am updating coz of a problem, although I don't know if it'll fix it. My comp (only 4 month old) had restarted itself twice in the past few days, which it has never done before, and it's done it while watching a DVD and starting up a game Editing program.

  Steven135 16:54 13 Jun 04

If this doesn't fix the problem untick automatic restart. System properties-advanced-settings then at least you will be able to see the error message for further help on here.

Hope the driver update sorts it.

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