Cat 6 or Cat 5e for new network

  dmm27 20:37 02 Dec 06

I will be putting in a wired network into a new extension in house, so will ultimately be able to steam audio (and video eventually) around the house, in addition to just networking PCs.

Should I be putting in Cat 6 cable to future proof it, or is Cat 5e likely to be reasonably future proof for a good few years yet?


  mgmcc 20:43 02 Dec 06

Use Cat 6 if you're likely to be using a Gigabit (1000Mbps) network, otherwise Cat 5e will suffice.

  dmm27 20:54 02 Dec 06

thats the problem I suppose...I dont know if I will need a Gigabit network!

  devonknows 21:06 02 Dec 06

My suggestion would be, seeing as technology is moving so fast these days, lol, i would put the Cat6 in, for one, in case in the future you do decide to use a Gigabit networt, if you dont, then you have the choice, but you dont want to be stuck in the future of teh grueling task of re-wiring a network, i did my mates for him back in the days of Win98 lol, and he had 25 machines to wire across a 3 story building lol, then had to gut it and re-wire it after water damamge or somet or other, so believe me if you have the Funds, do it lol.

  LastChip 00:55 03 Dec 06

Use CAT 6. If you want to stream video in the future, you'll be pleased you did.

And while you're at it, use Gb cards. The price difference now is small and it'll save you upgrading in the near future.

I've had a Gigabit Home Network now for almost two years and believe me, graphic files fly!

  LastChip 00:58 03 Dec 06

Use a Gigabit switch, not a hub.

Switches are intelligent, hubs are dumb!

Then connect your router to the switch.

  Shalo 17:41 07 Feb 07

hi guys,while you are on the subject, i have recently purchased a Buffalo home server like this one click here i also purchased a Netgear GS105 5 X Gigabit 10/100/1000mbps Compact Switch, i also have a asus AX6Jc laptop and gigabit lan cards in my desktop and my wifes pc, but everything says its connected at 1gbps but speeds are still on between 3-7mbps real time when it should be 10x that, Can this be purely the fact i only have cat5 cables between them ???????

best wishes
Kevin shales

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