cat 5/crosssover cable. whats the difference?

  tinny76 22:36 05 Sep 03

thats it, what is the difference?
crossover connects two pcs together with no hub/swithch is this true???? and cat 5 cant
can anyone enlighten me.

  madPentium 22:43 05 Sep 03

yes. A crossover is used to connect two network cards together, two hubs, a router into a hub etc. However, most switches now auto detect if the link needs to crossover and so you can use a straight through cable.

  harry_b 22:47 05 Sep 03

When connecting pc's directly the send and recieve wires are crossed, if not the data sent from one pc would be recieved on the sending pin of the second pc, crossover cables can only be used to connect two computers, any more and you need a hub with straight through cables.

  dazadude 23:03 05 Sep 03

as above plus...

category 5 means the type/quality/suitability of the cable itself, it's not the opposite to a crossover (I think this is what you thought judging by the question?)

A non-crossover cable is usually called a patch cable but both could be made from cat 5 cable.

  Djohn 23:09 05 Sep 03

Yep! Cat5 is high quality cable. Crossover is the same as your modem cable. If you have clear plastic connectors on each end, then put the two ends side by side, you will see the red and black strands are on opposite sides to each other. j.

  Legolas 09:31 06 Sep 03

Have a look here click here

  tinny76 12:43 06 Sep 03

cheers guys sorry about delay in posting,
very informative thanks for the input, good link also legolas

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