Is case/mobo limited with Zalman flower Coolers?

  Ironman556 22:28 15 Jun 03

Hi I'm planning on building a PC based on an AMD 2800XP. It's my first build so I have a few questions.

Currently the best cooler for performance/noise seems to be the Zalman flower cooling kit. It does point out on every description that it won't fit in systems with the PSU directly above the CPU. Does this limit the motherbord I can have or case or both?

I've not found a case or motherboard yet (although considering the Gigabyte 7VAX - A and want a miditower). I'm also interested in the Enermax PSU's, the higher end of which seems to be double fan, will that degrade the performance of the Zalman cooler?

Any advice on what to look for, and what to skip would be appreciated.

  deecee50 00:23 16 Jun 03

check the cpu rating for the flower coolers last time i investigated this about 6 months ago they were rated for 800mghz max , if noise is an issue investigate liquid cooling expensive but efficient.

  microswift 00:40 16 Jun 03

I think you can now get zalmans for every type of cpu, not sure about mobo's, I think the fan mount blocks two pci slots.

  hugh-265156 00:56 16 Jun 03
  Paranoid Android 13:27 16 Jun 03

Personally I wouldn't suggest a flower cooler with your 2800 CPU. (I am a dedicated Zalman user, I just don't think it will perform well at your speeds.)

If you do get one, go for the 3100GP (gold plus) and run the fan at full speed.


  Paranoid Android 13:29 16 Jun 03

PS microswift - the fan mount doesn't block the PCI slots, it sits on top of the existing PCI cards / blanking plates and the screws fasten through both.


  Paranoid Android 13:31 16 Jun 03

PPS - My recommendation ? Something with a heat pipe.


  STEVE71163 13:56 16 Jun 03

I asked in my local shop at the weekend about these coolers and the chap said that i probably would not notice a difference in temperatures with a xp2000 as he uses one in his pc and their was no difference.

  -pops- 14:23 16 Jun 03

I fit Zalman coolers because of the reduced noise rather than for dramatic reductions in operating temperature.


  rubella 18:11 16 Jun 03

i'm getting better results on one of my machines [XP2800].using a heatpipe and a 8cm 25db/30ish cfm fan than zalman flower. true, not as quiet, butt it doesn't move much beyond 42C.

  STEVE71163 18:38 16 Jun 03

Does it reduce the noise much ?

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