Case USB extension leads possible??

  goose1984 16:11 10 May 05

Hiya all!

I have just purchased a lovely case with USB ports and firewire ports at the top of the case. The leads that go from the ports to the motherboard are too short to reach my usb pins on my motherboard. Is a lead out there that I could plug onto the end and it would extend it. Or do I just have to settle to the fact that the cables are 2 short and can never use the usb on the case?


  Yoda Knight 17:05 10 May 05

There must be longer leads for that ! Try your local electronics/pc shop for the cables, or you could try modify them yourself (if it doesnt work it wont matter as you couldnt use them anyway), but I would try Maplin or similar 1st

  Gongoozler 17:29 10 May 05

The cable probably goes from a panel USB socket to a 10 or 12 way or pair of 5 or 6 way headers. I don't think it's likely that you will find a proprietary extension cable or a replacement assembly, but I think extending or rebuilding the cable with two pieces of 4-way screened cable should be quite simple for anyone who can use a soldering iron. Take great care, however with the pinning of the motherboard connector. There is no standard pin allocation at that end, and if you get it wrong you can instantly wreck the motherboard and/or any equipment you plug into the USB port.

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