Case Fans ....... suck and blow

  Dragon_Heart 13 Sep 12

Apart from my power supply unit the old cooling my PC has is the CPU cooler which sucks air from the CPU towards a grill in the side of the PC.

If I bought a 120mm case fan could it be installed to suck hot air from inside the case or can the only be fitted one way round ?

  lotvic 13 Sep 12

This may help:

"The 120 mm case fan is the largest standard case fan and can be used to feed air into or out of the case."

Read more: How to Install a Side Panel 120mm Case Fan |

  rdave13 13 Sep 12

Fans extract air side is the side of the fan where the power cables are. My CPU fan blows on to the cooling fins. My set-up is, one 120mm fan at rear, cable side towards outside, so extracting and on +12v. Front, 80mm fan, cable side towards the inside, so in-taking air, and on +5v (half speed). Temps on idle are, CPU - 25 ? and GPU 27 ?.

  rdave13 13 Sep 12

? should be °C


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