Case Cooling-Intake Or exhaust?

  SimonC 20:57 19 Jun 03

Hi everyone, wondering if u could advise me. Just added 2 cooling fans to my custom case. My qustion is the side of my case has a fan that is definately an exhaust but I think (judging by the dust building up in my PC, side of case is an illuminated viewing window!), that my new fans are installed as intake, how do I tell which way round they should go?. That said also, what is more efficient intake or exhaust?, or a mixture to ensure a steady airflow. I have five fans, one for the PSU, two on the back of the case, one on the transparent side of the case and the CPU cooler. I have noticed that since the installation the 2 rear fans has meant that the airflow from the exhaust has become infinately cooler but I would be grateful for any advice from you budding experts, cheers in advance.


  Rayuk 21:05 19 Jun 03

Have a read click here

  SimonC 21:18 19 Jun 03

but how do I tell which way round to put the fans, it is hard to tell as they seem to have a minimal airflow, I have the bare blades to the in side and the branded surface to the out side!.

  -pops- 21:26 19 Jun 03

There is usually an arrow on the case of fans indicating the direction of flow.

The best way of efficently cooling is to have fans at the lowest and highest points dragging in cool air and expelling the hot air.

Depending on the fans, most of the time it goes through the fan heading towards the sticker so if you have sticker side facing you, the air will be blowing on you.

But look around the side of the fan for arrows...

Look at click here for ideas on cooling and air flow diagrams

  SimonC 21:47 19 Jun 03

-pops-, Pilch from & RayUK

Your help has been invaluable, I am deeply grateful 4 your time thanks!.


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