Carrying operating laptops.

  Pidder 18:32 15 Nov 06

Arising from a thread in Speaker's Corner about damaged hard drives, I have always thought that carrying an operating laptop about could cause damage to the drive but someone I know, who shall be nameless, doesn't seem to worry. Am I unduly concerned.

  Forum Editor 19:11 15 Nov 06

and sometimes I do it myself. I don't advise it as a regular habit, but provided you're careful not to knock the machine on anything no harm will come to the hard drive at all.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:12 15 Nov 06

I know several people who have cashed thier hard drives due to moving the laptop without shutting down properly.

  mammak 19:18 15 Nov 06

Pidder I am glad you brought this up, as I never even knew it was an issue I have done this myself, will think before doing it again though.

  VoG II 19:19 15 Nov 06

I carry my work one while it is shutting down as it takes an age.

I really want a new one so I think I'll carry on ;o)

  mammak 19:22 15 Nov 06

Tut tut :-)

  Pidder 11:02 16 Nov 06

Thanks for all your replies. I'll be very careful. Seems that it is only employer supplied laptops that are treated this way? To elaborate my point, while the drive is being read the head is extremely close to the platter, any slight jarring could damage the disk or the head.

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