Cardreader 7in1 unknown manufacture.

  Gibbothegreat 20:00 19 Apr 06

How can I find out what make is my 7in1 card reader/writer?. Theres no markings on the case just made in taiwan!!!. I've opened it and on the SD connector it says proconn 031802.
I need the Win 98se drivers for my old laptop.I've googled it and nothing relevent about drivers.

Please help.

  Totally-braindead 20:36 19 Apr 06

I was going to suggest just buying another one from 7dayshop as they are very cheap but upon looking at the five readers I could find, not one of the ones they are selling are compatible with Win98 or 98SE, all need Windows ME or above. The only suggestion I can offer is try click here registration is free, you might find a driver there but its going to be a case of, see something for Win 98, download and try it I'm afraid.

  Totally-braindead 20:42 19 Apr 06

Aria do a 20 in 1 reader, external for £7.99. click here its the one 4th one down in the card reader section and it says it works with 98.

  Gibbothegreat 20:51 19 Apr 06

I too thought about buying another one cos the one I have might even not be compatible with win 98se!!!never tried it.I'll pop down to the shops tomorrow ans see what I can find.

Thanks for your help totally :)

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