Card reader/writer will nopt activate on Windows X

  geod 19:29 24 Sep 03

My computer is a Dell Dimension 4500 and the problem is that the 6 in 1 multi slot flash card reader/writer will not operate.
The card loaded onto the machine ok and is evident in the control panel but although there should be extra four drives shown nothing I do will bring them on line.
The computer runs Windows XP. There is bags of memory. Both Dell and Windows are able to offer a solution saying that some card readers are not compatible. I don?t subscribe to this theory as the card reader works perfectly on by old machine running Windows ME.
I would be obliged if anyone could offer a solution to the problem.
In anticipation. Geo.D

  Djohn 21:54 24 Sep 03

You say that the card is evident in control panel. But does it show up as a drive in your "My Computer"?

  Djohn 19:38 25 Sep 03

Received by e-mail.and my answer. j.

Yes, the card is shown as installed in the control panel but no extra drives in My Computer.


That may give a clue then as to what is wrong. XP will recognise most card readers by itself, using XP's own drivers. If not, then you need to install driver that came with the card, [If any]. But only if XP does not see it by itself.

You say that the card reader is showing in control panel, Is that under Add/Remove programs? If it is then remove any reference to the card from there and re-boot. Try connecting the card again to see if XP picks it up. It should ,and show as an extra drive in your "My Computor" when you insert any card into the reader.

If you have to install any seperate driver for the card, then important to install software, before you connect the card to your PC.

Let me know how you get on.

Regards. j.

  Djohn 22:47 25 Sep 03

Refresh. Anyone able to throw a little light on this? regards. j.

  hssutton 22:58 25 Sep 03

I had a similar experience, but in my case the reader was USB1 this, I connected to a USB2 header on my motherboard. I had numerous problems,including, PC not booting on occasions, and non of the six drives showing in my computer.
I eventually cured my problems by removing pin 9 from the USB1 plug.

I am carrying out a search for my original posting, if and when I find it I will post the link.


  hssutton 23:20 25 Sep 03

geod. in one card reader. this is the lnk that will take you to my posting. Actually it was pin 10 that I disconnected.


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