card reader causes temp rise

  mft4 13:02 29 Jun 05

I installed an internal 9 in 1 card reader to the usb header on my asus a8v deluxe,and my cpu temp went from 34 to 39,what the hell is going on????.as soon as i unplug the card reader the cpu drops back to 34 degrees..../PLEASE HELP..
thank you

  jack 14:08 29 Jun 05

Processor is working harder thats all
I dont know if the higher Temp is critical or not
I have never bothered with such matters.
If it worries you perhaps an external one would have suited you better.

  mft4 16:24 29 Jun 05

how can the cpu be working harder when it isnt reading anything?. if i connect extra usb ports to a usb header the temps stay the same,so why do they rise when conecting a card reader? doesnt make sense.

  jack 16:37 29 Jun 05

What you say is logical, and i dont claim to be an expert, but think of it this way

Some devices are active - ie on all the time.
This is almost certainly the case with something plugged directly into the MoBo

Others are Passive ie only wake up when something is poked into them.

It has to be something like that I would have thought.

  mft4 17:22 29 Jun 05

thanks for your replies Jack, I see where you are coming from ,I am not worried about my temps as they very acceptable ,I am just extremely curious as to what it is about a card reader that would rise the temp by 5-6 degrees, I have tried to find the answers on google but to no mention passive and active,well if thats the case then why doesnt the cpu temp rise after i install a sencond hard drive?..I am confused to this little puzzle.

  jack 20:31 29 Jun 05

'putering is fun aint it

  mft4 21:01 29 Jun 05

yeh thats why i love um so much,keeps your brain ticking over lol.thanks for your help jack its been amusing...

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