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  steviegee 10:30 12 Oct 07

Does anybody know a website or forum that will automatically e-mail me whenever a new car is realeased in the UK? For example Peugeot 308 is to be releaased in November 2007!

  keef66 10:36 12 Oct 07

I get Auto Express news emailed to me. They are pretty clued up about new model releases. Have a look at their website and subscribe.

  steviegee 10:43 12 Oct 07

Would you mind providing the link please.

  Belatucadrus 11:43 12 Oct 07

click here for the Auto Express RSS feed.

click here for the home page.

  keef66 11:45 12 Oct 07

thanks for stepping in there; work got in the way of my forum browsing for a few minutes!

  Belatucadrus 11:49 12 Oct 07

Auto Express was a good call and the RSS feed is always worth a browse.

  steviegee 12:20 12 Oct 07

I keep trying to register but it keeps saying The username entered has not been recognised. Please click here to register that username but there is nothing to click!

  steviegee 12:42 12 Oct 07

I can't go onto the forum for help because you need to have a username! And I can't re-register because it says the e-mail address is already used. What can I do!!??

  dagbladet 13:04 12 Oct 07

Get a new (junk) mail address from Yahoo or similar and register again with a different username.

  keef66 14:57 12 Oct 07

can you email them and ask them to sort it out so you can register using your email addrress?

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