car boot computer

  ΆØL HåŁęŖ 13:14 22 May 03

hi all i just bought a computer from a car boot sale and i have found a picture of a naked women on it! is there any way of checking to see if there is any other inappropriate material on it without looking through it all, i mean even after something is deleted it is still there isnt it? i dont want to get into trouble for having anything on it i shouldnt have. i dont really want to reformat it but i want to 'clean' it so to speak

  MartinT-B 13:23 22 May 03


It might have a virus

It might have something a hell of a lot worse than a naked woman.

God forbid there's a pic of a child on it, but if so, the police will shoot first and ask questions later.

Believe me.

Definately reformat and reload the O/S.

  recap 13:29 22 May 03

Do a search (Start/Find) for any jpegs, giff, bitmap, png, and tif, place an * before each and this will look for anything within that file format.

  graham√ 13:32 22 May 03

I would bin the hard drive and fit a new one.

  ΆØL HåŁęŖ 13:35 22 May 03

thank you very much i will bin the hdd and get a new one today. just to be safe

  kingkenny 13:37 22 May 03

a computer is the very last thing that I would buy at a Car boot sale!

What kind of documentation/disks etc did you get with it?

was it the whole package or just the CPU?

I would have to say a complete reformat would be the thing to do. nevermind searches just start over with a clean HDD.

reformatting wont actually wipe out the data but it will make everything very hard to find, i suggest using a program like norton wipe info or sure delete which overwrite rubbish on the entire drive then refomat after that. i wouldnt be afraid of second hand computers just make sure they are cheap.

  ΆØL HåŁęŖ 19:45 22 May 03

it was only 100 pound so i didnt mind buying it, i did however buy a second hard disk today so i will have ago at fitting it if i have any problems i will post here!!

  spuds 00:20 23 May 03

Paying £100 for a computer at a car boot sale, very risky. Nothing like a shock,as to an early morning call!!.

I would always ask for a receipt with name and address, plus vehicle reg number.

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