caps lock no longer working!

  theDarkness 16:54 03 Aug 09

The keyboard is plugged in ok, i have no viruses and have not installed anything new. The light for caps lock on the keyboard does not come on, the button does not work at all, although holding down standard shift to create capitals poses no problem. Bizarre! Ill guess its a simple case of using my windows cd to look for missing components/software/related drivers, but i wish i knew what could be a likely cause, to prevent it happening again? The lights on the keyboard for scroll lock and num lock work, and function.

  DieSse 17:15 03 Aug 09

"..but i wish i knew what could be a likely cause"

A faulty keyboard is the most likely cause. Try turning it upside down, banging it's bottom, and get all the crumbs out ;-))

  DieSse 17:18 03 Aug 09

Look here for how to disable it - I guess doing the opposite would enable it.

However I still think it's prolly a physical keyboard issue.

  DieSse 17:19 03 Aug 09

missing link - click here sorry.

  GaT7 17:19 03 Aug 09

I agree with DieSse about a non-working keyboard.

Does a reboot help at all?

And, you may want to try vacuuming the crumbs out, as banging might stop other keys from working! G

  theDarkness 17:51 03 Aug 09

forgot about the CRUMBS issue- lol! Will try opening up later for a good clean, hopefully that will solve it

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