can't view PhotRadar videos

  wildrover 14:37 07 Jan 10

Hi. I can't get the videos on the PhotoRadar site to play click here This is a rreal pity as the site is otherwise very good. other people appear to be having the same problem click here They say they are looking into this but I have not been able to view the videos since the site started. Like others, no problems with the older sites and no problems viwing streaming video in any other site. I'm using IE8 and have tried Google Chrome but get the same problem.

Can anyone suggest a solution? The 'solutions' suggested on the forum don't work. What about other people? Can you view the videos?

  hssutton 15:00 07 Jan 10

Are you using Adobe Flash Player

Works perfectly for me using firefox.

"This is a rreal pity as the site is otherwise very good" That's probably the reason why the majority of the oringinal membership have gone elswhere:)

  wildrover 15:11 07 Jan 10

Thanks HS.

"Are you using Adobe Flash Player"

Yes, I am.

  anchor 15:45 07 Jan 10

Works OK for me. Being the Luddite that I am, I still use IE6, and Win-XP.

  wildrover 19:01 07 Jan 10

I've now tried Firefox but still can't get them to work.

  BRFC Casuals 20:05 07 Jan 10

Works fine for me with Win XP, Firefox and Nod32 av

  wildrover 20:21 07 Jan 10

I'm now on a laptop with IE8 and Chrome. Still not working! Scratching my head. Have got an XP netbook. Will try that next.

BRFC Casuals: Bristol or Blackburn?

  wildrover 20:35 07 Jan 10

Ok. Tried my netbook - XP and IE8 - and the videos work perfectly! The only difference is that the netbook has AVG anti virus, the desktop and laptop I used before both have Kaspersky. Looks like Kaspersky is the culprit as sugested in the photoRadar forum (second click here above.)

  wildrover 09:36 08 Jan 10

It is definitely Kaspersky that is preventing the videos from working but I can't find out why. If I 'pause protection' the videos will play. But disabling individual likely culprits, they still don't work. Whatever, I think I'll tick this as resolved and use a different computer to view the site.

  Woolwell 09:51 08 Jan 10

I have Kaspersky and can view the videos on IE8, Firefox and Chrome.

  wildrover 10:06 08 Jan 10

Ok. Back to head scratching. But it's definitely something to do with Kaspersky - or how it's set up or works with other programmes - on this machine.

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