Can't view Network camera from Internet

  ronna 04:31 27 Nov 05

Running Windows XP SP2,I have DSL with Dynamic IP, a Linsys WRT54GS router and a Sony network camera, a subscription to and their Dyndns Updater, and the Sony's free DDNS site.

I have been tring for two weeks to set the camera up to view on the Internet with no luck, I can view the camera from the computer hooked to the router.
In the Linksys setup under Dynamic IP there is a box but ever time I fill the information in it comes up with a error, Host Name error.

I think I'm going to upgrade My DSL the upgrade comes with a Static IP Address, is this the best way to go?

I would be THANKFULL if somebody could shed some light on how to view the camera from the Internet at a diffrent location.

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