Can't view Geocities sites with any browser

  Bling Bling 18:30 01 Feb 04

Hi all,

For some strange reason I can't view any Geocities sites, not even

I've been using Internet Explorer v6 and Windows XP Pro with SP1 installed. I have all the latest patches from Windows Update installed.

I have tried using different browsers (Opera, Netscape, Mozilla and Avant Browser) but none of these work either.

All other sites display fine, just nothing on Geocities.

I'm not using a HOSTS file, and I have tried removing and re-installing Internet Explorer but still no luck.

Can anyone help?

  VoG II 20:10 01 Feb 04

You say you aren't using a HOSTS file but have you checked to make sure that you do not have a HOSTS file? Just a thought - this happened to me and I couldn't access Microsoft or McAfee websites.

This will bump you to the top anyway.

  Rennaissance 21:29 01 Feb 04

hi there, happened with me too. Just a few days ago i tried accessing geocities and it didnt work and i tried again and it worked for a bit then went again. Maybe it is a geocities error. I still cant access it now properly.

  Rennaissance 21:32 01 Feb 04

Hello again, try click here cause this one worked for me.

  Bling Bling 19:45 03 Feb 04

thanks for the replies.

I have done a full search for HOSTS files, and found only the Hosts.sam lmhosts.sam files.

I can access the site, but I cant access sites that are

Any other ideas?

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