Cant use Msn Messenger.

  futurekid 23:40 23 Jul 06

over the last few months none of my family have been able to use msn messenger. and when we try troubleshooting it says about a firewall. All of the firewalls have given permission to access the internet. so why is this not working?

Now coming in to the past week. after making a new user on the computer. We can now not even make a user on the application. We just get web service error.

So does anyone know how they can help me as we are all getting upset about it now.

Ben Greenslade.

  VoG II 23:49 23 Jul 06

This is unclear. Do you mean from the same computer?

  skidzy 23:52 23 Jul 06

Uninstall messenger from add and remove programs,run regscrubxp click here


Reinstall msn messenger click here

you may like to think of windows messenger live click here

  skidzy 00:14 24 Jul 06

As Vog says,its a little unclear.Are you running these computers wirelessly and do they have different firewalls ?

If they have different firewalls,you may be having a conflict.

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