cant use adobe with firefox

  fstr 10:23 29 Aug 08

I cant open a pdf file in firefox with adobe acrobat 4 can read a pdf file such as those on the advisor disc. but in firefox it comes up plug in unable to open adobe

  brundle 10:25 29 Aug 08

Any specific reason you're still using Acrobat 4? Long time out of date. Foxit will do what you require; click here

  DieSse 11:00 29 Aug 08

Adobe 9 is the latest reader. It's very good too - faster and more stable. Remove all older versions before you install the new one.

Works 100% with FireFox for me.

  kalignorgna 11:53 29 Aug 08

firefox 3.0 has had some trouble with plugins, such as shockwave and flash but no proplems with adobe acrobat or reader that i no of so its probably that the version is not supported due to age, also there should be a plugin to download it it don't open as firefox for me at lest comes up with a plugin icon if it don't work so all u have to do is click install then try again.

however this comes back to the trouble with plugins as with flash the plugin don't work the way round this is to download it using IE. i know wtf the point with that u should'nt have to us a differnt browser to get a bloody plugin for the brower ur using to work.

  hiwatt 12:20 29 Aug 08

This is a great altenative to adobe.A lot lighter on resources here

  fstr 22:23 29 Aug 08

Tried to un install adobe 4 and install adobe 8 but wont install says I have better already installed

  DieSse 22:28 29 Aug 08

What operating system are you using?

  fstr 23:56 29 Aug 08

windows xp

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