Can't update AVG

  pj123 14:06 06 Oct 05

Just had a call from someone I used to teach.

They can't update AVG. Their last update was July. All they get now is:

"An error ocurred when trying to connect to the server. The Server name cannot be converted to the IP address"

They are running Win 98SE and on Tiscali dialup.

Is this a Tiscali problem?

  rawprawn 15:06 06 Oct 05

Have they tried updating manually? click here

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 15:10 06 Oct 05

they coulsd always try downloading the update manually then copy it to avg update foler then restart avg it will update that way

  rawprawn 15:10 06 Oct 05

If the manual option is not obvious, open AVG/update manager/properies/ tick ""Require confirmation from user" then downlod to a folder, check for updates in AVG and select your folder.

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 15:10 06 Oct 05

reswand beat me to it

  pj123 15:40 06 Oct 05

rawprawn, yes just tried that but didn't work.

Have now arranged to go and see them tomorrow. It's difficult to talk them through without seeing what they have on their computer.

Will post back.

  rawprawn 15:45 06 Oct 05

Good luck, make sure it isn't being blocked by a firewall, or security settings in IE Options.

  rawprawn 15:48 06 Oct 05

I just googled,The Server name cannot be converted to the IP address"
here is a sample click here

  pj123 16:04 06 Oct 05

rawprawn, some good stuff there. I will go armed with that tomorrow.

  961 16:21 06 Oct 05

I remain convinced this is all to do with overload on the European server of the freebie AVG

I was a great fan for many years but ended up having to do the manual download for updates virtually every time and I found it a pain

For someone who is not up in computers, or busy with other things it ends up with things like "their last update was in July" This is quite obviously a no-no. What is needed is something that works automatically by itself and needs no attention

I found just that with the freebie Avast and I gently suggest that the easiest way to sort the problem you are going to fix tomorrow is to download the freebie from click here after which the problem can be forgotten

  stlucia 16:39 06 Oct 05

Never had a problem connecting (using BB) to get downloads for months now. But once when I did have a problem, I found manual update somehow didn't work and in the end it was easier to uninstall AVG completely and just reinstall it from their site from scratch.

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