can't sychronize cordless keyboard and mouse

  ortizsr 18:12 11 Jan 06


I purchased separately a logitech cordless optical mouse, which works well, and later a logitech cordless keyboard which only works with its receiver.

I now have two receivers installed to work both cordless units.

I can't find out how to just use one of the receivers to connect both cordless units.

Can anyone please help me???

Herman Ortiz
[email protected]

  Biotech 21:15 11 Jan 06

It is possible that you will need both receivers as certain mouse types will not be compatible with certain keyboards. Your best bet would be to ask Logitech.

  ortizsr 21:37 11 Jan 06

Dear BioTech:

Getting a response from Logittech's forums &/or support group is like pulling teeth. I have yet to hear from them.

Is it possible that each has a separate coded frequency and thus the two are incompatible with a single receiver?

  Biotech 22:05 11 Jan 06

I have a wireless keyboard and mouse with a 2 channel receiver, came as a set. If you have that new laser mouse thingy,I believe it will not be usable with some or most keyboards. I was going to get another mouse for my setup but I gave up as I could not determine what would go with what from the product pages of Logitech.
I have not crossed swords with Logitech support as yet, but good luck.

  Stuartli 22:13 11 Jan 06

These links may help:

click here

click here

  007al 22:14 11 Jan 06

Have you tried downloading the seperate mouse and keyboard drivers from the Logitech site.It may work,i think you have to synch the mouse before the keyboard

  Stuartli 22:18 11 Jan 06

Just one thought. Perhaps each individual receiver is only intended for the one product in contrast to a keyboard and mouse set's receiver?

  PC Bilbo 23:24 11 Jan 06

Surely Wireless Keyboard/Mouse receivers usually have dual input i.e. input leads to both keyboard and mouse PS2 skts? The ones I've sourced have all
been like that.

Signals to receiver are then correctly processed to correct input on Mobo chip from either device.

If receiver is only single input,you will need both receivers as Stuartli is saying.

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