Can’t stop my PC freezing up!

  RockSuperstar 23:13 09 May 08

Hi everyone,

I really hope someone here can give me some advice as I’m at the end of my tether here!

For the past couple of months my PC has been completely freezing up for no obvious reason. By “freezing up”, I mean that I’ll be in the middle of doing something and everything on the screen just freezes. I can’t move the mouse pointer and operate the computer in any way. My only option at this point is to reboot the computer by hitting the reset button.

As you can imagine, this gets pretty annoying when it happens 5 or 6 times per day, especially when you’re in the middle of important work.

There isn’t any particular action that I’m performing that seems to be triggering it. It can happen 5 minutes after the PC has been switched on, or 5 HOURS later, but it always crashes without fail. I’ve even tried just switching the computer on and leaving it and it still freezes eventually!

My initial research into trying to find a fix suggested that using a program like “CCleaner” or “RegCure” would solve the problem, but after trying them they haven’t helped at all.

I tried to do a rollback to the point before the PC started crashing but this didn’t work either.

Does anybody have any suggestions as to what might be causing this, or any ideas on how I can try and figure out what is making it happen??

I desperately need a cure for this!!

Many thanks in advance,


  rossgolf 23:43 09 May 08

use the search bar at the top....many threads about this topic

  daba 23:44 09 May 08

You've run ccleaner, and regcure, but have you run any antispyware software to see if you have any nasties ?

have you run a virus scan recently, or upgraded your antivirus software ?

what windows system are you running
what antivirus software are you running
what firewall are you running

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 00:36 10 May 08

FReeezing PC

1. Overheat due to faulty / blocked fans

2. PSU voltages

3. Household power surges fridge etc switching on/off

4. faulty memory stick try memtest click here

5. virus or spyware scan for both especially if shutting down with in a few minutes of switch on or internet use

6. driver conflicts especially grahics cards get the latest drivers for your equipment

  Technotiger 08:36 10 May 08

Or - it could simply be the Mouse freezing, this would have exactly the same effect! Can you try a different mouse, or even just change a battery?

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