Can't start up !

  curlylad 09:12 18 May 04

A friend of mine is running Win XP , someone within the household has slightly 'disabled' his PC and wont say how or what they done so sorry can't give any info on that.Basically when he starts up he says everything sems to be OK until the Win start up screen with the 3 green dots going left to right , then the next screen that appears is the windows advanced options menu.He tells me no matter what he clicks on here , it returns straight back to the advanced options menu.Please advise .

  Graham ® 09:59 18 May 04

A trip into the BIOS would be my starting point. Switch on and hold (usually) the F1 key to enter BIOS.

To return to original BIOS settings:

Open the BIOS setup program and select the Exit menu.

Select Load Setup Defaults, press Enter, then select Yes and press Enter to load the original setup.

Select Exit Saving Changes, press Enter, then select Yes and press Enter to save setup changes and exit BIOS.

As this process is not without risk, please wait for a more informed response.

If your friend has a restore disc, that may be needed to effect a repair of XP.

  curlylad 10:13 18 May 04

Restore disc ? If he hasn't , can I make one for him from my PC

  Graham ® 10:17 18 May 04

Don't you have one either? Don't think you can make one, they're all different.

  curlylad 12:10 18 May 04

You say select the Exit menu , my friend says he has entered the BIOS but can't see the 'exit' menu .Is that the exact name of the line he highlights ? Can you be more specific please where about on the BIOS screen that option is ?

  Graham ® 12:38 18 May 04

I was quoting from Microsoft. If I remember correctly (can't look just now), Exit is one of the Menus at the top, which selects the BIOS options.

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