cant share PCs on network

  jagsman 01:52 06 Aug 05

I have just installed wireless router to share an internet connection on my two PCs at home, 1 is connected to the router by cable and the other is a wireless connection. after setting it all up i tried to setup a network between the 2 PCs so that i could share files, printer etc. I ran the network setup wizard on both PCs but i cannot gain access to any of the PCs from its opposite number. On the main PC(connected to router by cable) it shows the other PC(wireless connection to router) as being in the workgroup that i created, but i cannot access it, and on the (wireless) PC it does not show the main PC at all. I know my router is working as i have internet access on the wireless PC. I have tried the network wizard several times on both PCs but i still cannot access either PC from its counterpart. I dont know too much about networking so i need all the help i can get.

thanx in advance for any help

  palinka 10:21 06 Aug 05


  Taff36 10:23 06 Aug 05

Which operating systems are these computers running? Background reading click here

  jagsman 11:59 06 Aug 05

both PCs are running XP Pro sp2

  Taff36 13:21 06 Aug 05

OK - Experiment with this. Open Windows Explorer (Windows Key + E Key) Right Click on My Documents and select properties. Under the sharing tab and the bottom section "Network sharing and security" tick the share this folder box and give it a name such as "Jagsman Documents". Also follow the firewall link at the bottom if necessary. The dialog should say that the Windows firewall is configured to allow this folder to be shared on a network.

Of course you may not want all of your documents to be shared this way. You can select any individual folder and share it this way. A little blue hand appears underneath the folder icon to show that it is shared by the way.

  freefx 13:45 06 Aug 05

can the wireless pc access the internet?

  Taff36 14:05 06 Aug 05

First post "I know my router is working as i have internet access on the wireless PC." but I know what you were thinking!

  freefx 14:29 06 Aug 05

i had a similar the end found out it was the configuration on my zone alram which caused it........not sure what firewall you use.worth looking at your firewall configuration....

  Taff36 15:13 06 Aug 05

We`re agreed on that one!

Which firewall is it jagsman?

  jagsman 16:50 06 Aug 05

Im using Zone alarm 6. I have made a new folder on each PC that i can share to test my network. I have checked that both PCs have the same workgroup name, i have also redone the network setup wizard on each PC changing the PC names as the troubleshooter said that it had detected that my names may be a problem. I have internet on both PCs without any problems. i am not too sure how to configure zone alarm to allow sharing but i am only using that on the cabled PC, the wireless has just the windows firewall. when i go into view workgroup PCs on the wireless PC it says that it cannot detect network.

  freefx 17:26 06 Aug 05

go to firewall on the zone alarm, there should be three tabs: main, zones and expert,go to the tab zones and look at the ip address range, and also the zone should be trusted and not internet.

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